Diapason Racing was born of the passion of two professionals:

Giovanni Buratti, owner of the Moto Shop and Pierluigi Pasetti, owner of Tienne Racing.


MOTO SHOP was founded as the exclusive YAMAHA dealer in Parma in 1976.
Giovanni Buratti, its general manager has always been a supporter of major sports events:
Andrea Balestrieri, first Italian driver in the 1993 Paris Dakar; Corrado Manici, winner of the first Sport Production Italian Championship for Yamaha with the legendary RD 500.

He has worked with the Team Tienne in its competitive activities since 1994.


The TEAM TIENNE RACING was formed in 1993 through the efforts of Pierluigi Pasetti.

Following a process of continuous growth and development, the first results:


- 1994 1st place, Trofeo Motoestate 750cc


- 1995 1st place Italian Championship, 750cc 4 cylinder


- 1996-1998, with ambitions on the rise, the Yamaha Thundercat 600 is developed, obtaining excellent
 results with racers Marchini, Pennacchioli, Viziello and Iannuzzo, protagonist of a season in crescendo
 that concluded with a fantastic victory in Mugello.


- 1999 from the experience gathered on the track, DIAPASON RACING is born, company specializing in custom parts
 exclusively for YAMAHA bikes.

   Year of the debut of the YZF R6 and the results are impressive: Maurizio Prattichizzo, 1st place in the
 600 Sport Production Italian Championship.


- 2000, the company continues to evolve. The arrival of Gianfranco Guareschi returns the TEAM TIENNE
 DIAPASON RACING to the top of the Italian Championship standings in the Super Sport 600 category
 ending the season in third place.


Starting in 2004, Diapason Racing is involved in the R6 Cup Race Service.


Positive results continue in 2003 with Ivan Goi (2nd place) and are replicated in 2005 with Claudio Corti, putting the spotlight on this young talent making his debut in Super Sport.


In 2006 Team Tienne adds pilot Danilo Marrancone to its line up.


From the experience in the world of racing is born DIAPASON RACING that produces exclusively custom Yamaha motorcycle parts for dealers, specialized maintenance shops and preparers, offering an innovative service for Yamaha users.


From its success and request to produce custom parts for other brands, a new division of Diapason Racing was created for the production and distribution of custom parts compatible with other motorcycle manufacturers: BOMBHARD.

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